Betta Fish Fighting

The betta fish is usually greater called the Siamese fighting fish, so it’s no longer fantastic that many fish keepers worry about their betta fish fighting!

However, whilst it’s authentic that adult males of the species are often competitive with different males, the betta fish could be housed with other fish, as long as you process matters carefully.

Read on to profit more about betta fish fighting, why they fight, and how to avoid this aggression.

Male betta fish fighting

It is the male of the species that is especially competitive with different males, and it is very unwise to maintain two male bettas collectively within an analogous tank, unless it’s extremely huge and can happily accommodate two separate territories.

Even then, two males might come into touch with every other within the tank, and could in all likelihood become aggressive.

One male betta can fortunately live with a set of females, however, and often, with males of different species of fish too.

Female betta fish fighting

Female bettas are much less likely to be aggressive in the direction of each other, and generally, can live fortunately in organizations with different females and one male of the species as well.

If the tank is overcrowded or there are too many women within the tank or for the male, the females could become nippy towards each other. However, they are going to not generally battle in an analogous manner that two adult males will.

Bettas fighting other species of fish

While male bettas are usually enormously competitive with other men of the species, often fighting to the death, they’re usually calm within a neighborhood tank, and could rarely prove competitive to other species of fish.

While it is necessarily important to select betta tank friends carefully if mixing species of fish within an analogous aquarium, bettas make good community fish if you introduce one male and a few ladies to a collection tank.

One challenge which can normally arise if preserving other dominant or predatory fish with bettas is that they’re going to goal your male bettas due to their brilliant colorations and long fins and tails.

Bettas are fairly gradual swimming fish, and this, added to their distinctive appearance, means that they will usually fall sufferer to larger bullies of different species and get their fins and tails nipped.

Betta fish combating displays

When two male bettas view every other as a risk and are making ready to fight, they are going to puff up their gills, deepen in color, and deliberately demonstrate their fins and tail in all their glory in an try to intimidate the other party.

Here is a good tip: If you wish to see what your male betta feels like in risk show devoid of risking their health, you could carry a mirror as much as the outside of the tank. When your male sees his own reflection, he will imagine it is a different male and display his fighting stance!

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