Betta Fish Tanks: How to Keep Your Betta Fish

Betta fish is also known as the Siamese fighting fish, yet there are actually over 60 kinds of fish that fall into the betta species category. However, all of them have many things in typical and all betta fish tanks have comparable established and care requirements.

Bettas are rather bendy in terms of excellent tank, water conditions and care, and they are able to happily live inside a quite wide range of other tank environments.

In this introduction, we talk about what kind of tank and dwelling environment is most suitable to retaining betta fish.

Betta fish tank size

The length of a betta fish tank will fluctuate depending on what number fish you wish to keep. To maintain one lone male Siamese combating fish on its own, you’ll in simple terms desire a small tank, yet to keep a spread of fish together, you will of course want anything larger!

betta bowl set up
betta bowl set up

Generally, the ready-to-go freshwater aquarium set-ups that you may purchase in a range of sizes are flawlessly good fitted to the betta breed, and the tank size will dictate what number fish you could hold within it.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to allow one gallon of water for each inch of fish within the tank. Bettas benefit so much from shallow but wide/long tanks, corresponding to their organic dwelling stipulations in the rice paddies of Thailand.

Betta fish tank water conditions

Bettas are freshwater fish and as a result don’t require the addition of salt or minerals to create a brackish surroundings within the tank.

The betta is relatively hardy in terms of differing water stipulations and typical freshwater parameters are fine. Situation faucet water to de-chlorinate it earlier than including it to the tank, and upload softeners in case you live in a local with especially tough water.

Necessary tools in betta fish tanks

Betta fish tanks want all the ordinary aquarium fixings and fittings, consisting of a tank heater, filtration and lighting.

The perfect water temperature for bettas is between 75-80 levels Fahrenheit (24-27 levels Celsius), so if you live in a warmer area, the ambient temperature could be sufficient without including a heater, featuring that you can track the temperature.

Filtration ought to be further so as to clear waste and toxins from the tank and provide a gentle pass of water movement, yet with none strong streams.

Decorating your betta fish tank

How you decorate your betta fish tank is largely up to you! Many owners choose to hold the aquarium d?cor minimal, so that the colorful, bright fish themselves are the main focus of attention, whilst others want to keep a enormously ornamental aquarium.

A gravel or sand substrate is recommended, though leaving the base naked is likewise an option, and stay or man made plant life can upload interest and hiding places for your fish.

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