Do Koi Fish Bite You?

Do Koi Fish Bite You? – Many of us may have seen koi owners and enthusiasts feeding their fish instantly from their hands, and for many koi owners, having tame koi like this is among the greatest rewards of fish keeping!

However, when you consider how huge koi carp can possibly grow, and the scale of their mouths, it is only natural to be wary of placing your hands too virtually them if you get nipped or bitten!

But ought to this real be a concern? Can koi fish bite you? Read on to locate out!

Koi carp certainly have an incredibly gummy appearance and you can be forgiven for thinking that koi carp do not correctly have tooth at all.

However, when you think about the kind of food that’s commonly fed to koi – huge sturdy pellets- absolutely it is sensible that they must be able to chunk their food?

Koi carp do have tooth with the intention to chew their food, however the capture is, their teeth are not in their mouths! The tooth of the koi carp are some distance again of their throats, no longer within the mouth itself, and so after they take food into their mouth, it is chewed and digested through the throat earlier than getting into the stomach.

Can koi carp chunk on you?

The teeth of koi carp are too far down the throat in an effort to chunk your finger (unless you’re making plans to stick the complete finger correct into your fish’s mouth!).

In the most important of koi carp, the the teeth are thus far returned within the throat of the fish that you would not be able to attain them with a fully multiplied finger, no matter if you tried.

So, your koi carp cannot bite you, and you’re flawlessly secure to hand-feed your fish with out the chance of wasting a finger!

That said, the mouth and gums of the koi are actually rather robust and muscular, and it’s possible that they could hold close onto your finger with their mouths, mistaking it for food.

They have a quite company grip with their gums, yet this should in no way show painful and won’t draw blood. Your koi will permit pass of your finger as soon as they understand that it isn’t edible!

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