The Best 20 Male and Female Cat Names

Male and Female Cat Names – Choosing the ideal cat call in your feline buddy may be a difficult choice. If you’re suffering to get influenced along with your feline’s new moniker, look at our desirable 20. From mesmerising male cat names to quirky female cat names, we’ve got you covered.

Coming up with the ideal cat name that suits your bushy accomplice could be really the challenge. The moniker ought to be one that matches them throughout their life and one you don’t mind yelling in terms of their dinner time!

Whether you’ve simply got a brand new kitten or have rehomed one from a rescue centre, we’ve obtained male and female cat names to suit the two younger and senior tom cats alike. Hold analyzing to discover our best 20 purrfect names for your cat.

Male Cat Names

sleepy cat
Male Cat Names
  1. Oreo

If you’re looking for a male cat name for a black and white cat, Oreo may be the perfect fit. Taking the name from the scrumptious biscuit, it is a call that’ll fit your cute kitty across his life.

  1. Smoky

This cat name is the perfect preference for a Russian Blue or as a gray cat call as it can pay tribute to their splendidly smoky hue.

  1. Pumpkin

This male cat name isn’t only a iciness squash, but it’s also a regular British time period of endearment. Consider Pumpkin for a ginger cat that stocks the attractive orange colouring.

  1. Prince

It’s no secret that our cats are the royal kings and queens of our home, so why now not supply them a name healthy for a king or, good prince? Prince is a great name for the artistocat on your life and one which they’re sure to appreciate.

  1. Monty

This splendidly versatile cat name suits kitties of all colorings and breeds. Usually a diminutive of Montague or Montgomery, the call is actually French for ‘pointy hill’! We expect it’s finest for cats with a complex personality.

  1. Dexter

Dexter is a brilliant popular male cat name, that’s probably as a result of the Showtime TV sequence of a similar name. Besides the fact that children the character in the show has homicidal tendencies, it makes an exceedingly lovable name for cats, and some benefit from the irony if they have pets which are especially well at hunting.

  1. Ziggy

David Bowie followers will adore the male cat call Ziggy. Accepted global because the glam modify ego for the enduring singer and actor, Ziggy is a name that’s both gorgeous and adorable, making it ideal for our four-legged friends.

  1. Merlin

Merlin is a mystical cat call which fits cats of all colorings and breeds. The name hails from Wales and means ‘sea fortress’, yet become popularised by way of the wizard that become King Arthur’s guide and helper.

  1. Cosmo

If your kitty is quite literally out of this world, Cosmo would make an ideal name. It’s splendidly suitable as a black or white cat name, as these colorations seem like they’ve been freshly picked out of the night time sky.

  1. Gizmo

This adorable male cat call comes from the enduring 1984 film, Gremlins. If you have a fluffy cat with brown and white or tortoiseshell colouring, Gizmo might make a very good name. Simply don’t feed them after midnight!

Female Cat Names

what's my name
what’s my name?
  1. Poppy

Topping a few of the lists for the number one lady cat call is Poppy. This floral call isn’t really as gentle as Daisy, and brings a undeniable feel of feistiness. As it takes its name from the stunning crimson flower, we think this name could finest fit ginger cats or those with a pink tinge to their coat.

  1. Zelda

Fans of the hit Nintendo game franchise will uncover themselves enamoured by the name, Zelda. Taken from the fierce princess in the Legend of Zelda series, this feminine cat call is ideal for your little four-legged warrior.

  1. Lulu

Lulu is a charming call which comes from the Arabic note for ‘pearl’. It’s been a loved name because the 60s, as a result of the firecracker singer, Lulu, famed for appearing ‘Shout’. We think it makes a completely lovable name for cats too.

  1. Daisy

There’s nothing sweeter than a kitty with a flower name. Daisy is an cute name which will fit all cat breeds and colors and is bound to enrich them from kittenhood all the thanks to adulthood.

  1. Buffy

Those with a feisty kitty will uncover the ideal name with Buffy. The call comes from the cult TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer which follows a sassy vampire-fighting female on her quest to combat the forces of darkness. So, when you’ve got a feline which can stay up to the iconic namesake, Buffy will make the ideal choice.

  1. Raven

If you’re searching for a black cat name, Raven probably simply what you’re after. Taken from the large, black chicken of a similar name, Raven makes a really spell binding moniker.

  1. Bella

Coming from the Italian note for beautiful, Bella is a loved girl cat name. Consistent with John Lewis Pet Insurance, Bella turned into in fact the second greatest call chosen with the aid of their customers!

  1. Molly

Originally used as a nickname for Mary, Molly is now a lovable call in its possess right. Which means ‘star of the sea’, it’s a reputation that’s cherished by way of many pet owners, and we are able to see why.

  1. Tallulah

Tallulah is a chic girl cat call that will suit posh breeds such because the Siamese or Persian. Meaning ‘leaping water’, the call rolls off of the tongue and feels by surprise regal and cute – that are two qualities that perfectly sum up our cats.

  1. Luna

Coming from the Latin call for moon, Luna is a pretty lady cat call to suit your magical feline. Rising in popularity due to the quirky character, Luna Lovegood from the well-loved Harry Potter series, it is a call that’s being favourited for cats, puppies or even human babies!

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