Types of Koi: Here Are The 22 Main Types of Koi

Types of Koi – There is a huge quantity of koi fish, accessible in an almost limitless sort of colors! There are 22 main well-known types of koi upon which hybrid strains and variants are based, and new varieties are being built all the time.

In this article, we will introduce you to the 22 leading sorts of ornamental koi carp.

The 22 Types s of Koi Fish

Taisho Sanke, which is analogous to the Kohaku, but additionally has small black markings.

Showa Sanke, a black Koi with purple and white markings.

Tancho, a Koi wide variety with a unmarried pink patch at the head.

Kohaku, meaning red and white, the first ornamental Koi range to be developed.

Asagi Koi has a light blue color on the top, with purple at the backside half, or oftentimes cream or yellow.

Utsurimono Koi are mainly black, with red, yellow or white markings in a zebra pattern.

types of koi
types of koi

Bekko Koi are white, pink or yellow, with black tortoiseshell markings.

Chagoi, which means color of tea, which may wide variety from olive colour to brown, bronze or copper. This quantity is considered to be certainly one of the friendliest Koi varieties.

Goshiki is dark colored with a pink pattern, equivalent to the Asagi.

Kinginrin Koi have a glittering, metal appearance, and are often golden or silver in appearance.

Kawarimono is the term used to describe Koi that don’t effortlessly healthy into any other particular type of Koi.

Ogon is a Koi that’s metallic in color, and just one shade.

Shusui Koi have one large line of mirror scales, with a greenish colour and sometimes, facets of colour on the cheeks and lateral line.

types of koi carp
types of koi carp

Kumonryu, which translates as ?nine tattooed dragons,? is black with a curling white pattern. They’re apt to change colour with the exchanging seasons!

Ochiba is a light-weight grey or blue Koi, with a brown, yellow or copper pattern.

Koromo is white, with blue or black-edged scales.

Hikari-moyomono is a Koi that is composed of two distinctive metal colors, or that has colored markings over a steel base color.

Kikokuryu capability “sparkle” and is the metal version of the Kumonryu.

Kin-Kikokuryu potential “gold sparkle black dragon” and is a built version of the Kumonryu pattern, with at least six distinctive possible variations.

Butterfly Koi is a further hybrid, of the Koi and the Asian carp. It has very long, flowing fins and again, is not always considered to be a true Koi carp.

Doitsu-goi is a cross-bred fish that is a variant of the standard Doitsu pattern, available in various exclusive strains.

Ghost Koi are correctly a hybrid fish, of untamed metallic-scaled carp and Ogon Koi. There’s some debate between Koi keepers as as to whether or now not this fish constitutes a real Koi carp.

New koi forms are being constructed all the time, the two via professional breeders, and enthusiastic hobbyists! However, all koi lines are considered to be in response to one or more of the 22 main categories indexed above.

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